Sergei Glushkov, a contemporary artist, works in the realistic manner, studying and continuing the traditions of the great masters of the Russian art and culture. His landscapes, portraits and still lives remind one of the paintings of Alexei Venetsianov, Vassily Polenov, Feodor Alekseуev and Alexei Savrasov. As to Glushkov's perception of light and colour, many of his sketches are similar to the works of Alexei Bogolyubov, a forefather of the Russian landscape and an excellent colourist. Orthodoxy and Sergei's profound interest in Russian history and culture have exerted a major influence on his creative work.

The views of the Russian province, such as 'Pereslavl-Zalessky. The Trubezh River,' 'The Road to Petretzovo,' 'The Sunset in Petretzovo,' 'Iksha Water Reservoir,' 'A Little Apple Tree,' 'Kuskovo Estate. Grotto' delight the eye being full of the charming spirit of the past and of that which is innermost and difficult to feel in the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is impossible to understand the depth and the freedom of the Russian soul, if you do not see the beauty of the nature of the homeland, of its meadows, fields and villages, and the splendour of the old churches. The author Ivan Shmelyov spoke these wonderful words: '... It is a nonsense to say that living in the depth of the country makes one stagnate. All of Russia lives in the depth of the country and creates. It is only here that you can retire into yourself and comprehend life ...'

For many years Sergei Glushkov has worked enthusiastically on his personal project, 'Moscow of the 17th century.' The artist believes that the 17th century was the blossoming forth of Russian statehood, art and style. In that time Rus' extended its boundaries in the East, united three branches of the Russian people –living in White, Little and Great Russia, established the mighty Russian Orthodox Empire and became the 'Third Rome.' In spite of the hard times and trials Moscow preserved the energy and power of a great state and was a place of religious devotion, light and purity, the 'Heavenly City of Jerusalem – the Abode of the Saints and the Beloved City.'

At present the history of the Moscow Kremlin of the 17th century is poorly presented in Russian fine art. Appolinary Vasnetsov made a valuable contribution to the portrayal of Moscow of that time, but history and archaeology have made great strides since then and it is necessary now to use the new data and make more precise reconstructions. Sergei is fascinated with this kind of work.

He says, "First of all I am immersed in documents, chronicles, descriptions; I meet with the experts and as a follow-up I diligently reconstruct the image of which I was thinking. It is a hard but interesting work. Thus there appeared my works 'The Moscow Kremlin of the 17th century,' 'The Lower Reaches of the Moscow Kremlin of the 17th century,' 'A View of the Chambers of Simon Ushakov in Kitai-Gorod from Nikitnikov Lane. 17th century,' and 'The Abode of the Saints and the Beloved City.' In this picture one can see the whole Kremlin of that time with its houses, metochions, chambers, churches, bailiffs' offices reconstructed on their historical sites. The collection of materials, analysis and reconstruction took me more than five years, and a drawing 2x6 m is ready.

"It is a little easier to work with the images of modern Moscow. Unfortunately, they are not many, but I find them and on canvas 'remove everything unnecessary,' such as new buildings, billboards, or neglected trees. Thus 'My Moscow' is being born with its harmony, depth and unique individuality, including 'Little Courtyard in Khitrovka,' 'Zaryadie,' 'Ivanovskaya Hill,' 'A View of the Troitsky Gate and the Kutafya Tower,' 'Monastery of the 'Sign' Icon of the Mother of God and the Chambers of the Romanov Boyars in Zaryadie,' 'A View of the Borovitskaya Tower,' and 'Goncharnaya Sloboda.'

"The old historical Moscow is becoming an irrevocable thing of the past, but I want 'to stop time' and show the beauty of Moscow to my contemporaries and to the next generations, to remind them of the grandeur and distinguishing features of our culture, of our unique experience and possibilities based on the Orthodox faith."

While seeing such serious works you feel joy for the wonderful harmony of the world reflected in the colours and for the depth of the images and unique individuality of Sergei's works.

Maria Nikolayevna Krechetova, art critic, a member of the Association of Art Critics



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